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    Use artificial intelligence to protect your intellectual property rights or those of your clients

    A cloud-based service, dedicated to law firms and intellectual property owners.

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    PixTrakk Objects is an artificial intelligence service that allows you to find your objects/creations/brands on the web.

    Find counterfeits. Control clients’ distribution. Check for prior use & usage rights.



    Scan for objects, trademarks, designs & patterns
    Scan globally on all types of websites, social media & digital platforms
    Scan continuously for year round protection


    Detect identical & similar matches
    Use Human analysis to target results
    Filter results for a focused search (country, site type, level of threat)


    Grant access to your clients or to your internal or external legal team
    Export and share results
    Automatically create infringement reports
  • 15.2

    million photos used to
    build our AI bots

    4 529

    AI bots used to
    scan for objects


    AI servers
    delivering total success

  • Getting started in a few easy steps

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    Choose 1 product

    Choose any real
    product you
    would like to
    test at no cost

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    Send 10 photos

    Upload 5-10
    photos from all
    angles and some
    information about
    the product

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    Wait 48 hours

    The platform will
    create the neural
    network and
    start scanning
    millions of

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    Get first results

    Get your initial
    results delivered
    to your smart
    dashboard for
    your own or our
    Human analysis

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    Results always improving

    Constant global
    scanning helps the
    neural networks
    improve over time
    giving constantly
    improving results

  • Learn more about PixTrakk Objects, contact us?

    Discover the dedicated PixTrakk Objects website