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    PixPalace, the first French platform for photo agencies

    PixPalace allows you, in one click, to do a transversal picture research in the collections and feed of the most beautiful photo and video agencies, Photographer’s “Collectif”, and museum’s collections.

    Some agencies are exclusively available on PixPalace, and new agencies are joining us on a regular basis, while they each maintaining their own identity, a guarantee to a wide variety of images.

    Discover sources of stunning images in all fields, from major agencies to the most specialized collections:

    News, people, sports, politics, portraiture, nature and environment, science and technology, corporate, art, history, heritage, travel, religion, cinema, performing arts, culinary, daily life, lifestyle, decoration, aerial photography…

    A simple and effective search interface

    The result of 19 years listening to the need of its customers, the interface PixPalace has been designed to facilitate your researches in one click:

    • Filter your picture research by dates, format, or colorimetry,
    • Save groups of agencies in order to narrow down your research to the selected agencies,
    • View the results of your research suggested specifically for each agency,

    • Send in one click your research requests to an agency, a group of agencies or to all agencies.

    You want to contact an agency?

    You need an information, a price, an additional picture research? The interface provides you with a comprehensive directory of all agencies - referee’s name, description and contact details - from all image sources presented on PixPalace.

    PixPalace2, a second access level, which completes the PixPalace Premium offer

    It is an additional storage server only available from PixPalace. If you wish to expand the results of your PixPalace picture research to the additional image collection of the agencies, you can easily access the 55 million images stored on PixPalace2.

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