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    Track your images on the web and in the French press. Recover any owed money

    A cloud service addressing the needs of photographers, illustrators and agencies.

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    PixTrakk is a service tracking your visuals on web sites worldwide and in the French printed press.

    In the case of an unlawful usage, you can contact our legal service, made up of a global network of international lawyers specialized in copyrights.

    PixTrakk prevents you from being in the front line, avoids any administrative headaches and handles any fee collection for you.

    More info on the website PixTrakk.

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    At a glance and in just a few clicks

    PixTrakk provides a user interface, which allows easily to check information on the usage of your images : copy of the printed page or of the website, URL, page number, dates, screen capture…

    You receive an alert via email so you can control if it is being legally used.

    You can also supply our lawyers with any unlawful usage of one or several of your images that you may have previously spotted. You will get 60% of recovered claims, excluding legal fees, and 55% if the site is foreign.

    All the answers to your questions can be found on the PixTrakk website’s FAQ section.

  • How does it work?


    Uploading images

    Upload your images on PixTrakk via our interface or by FTP



    Discover how your images are being used on the web and in the printed press



    Verify if your images are being used legally



    Set your copyright fees and refer your cases to one of our lawyers



    Retrieve the rights you are owed

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