• ANI-PixTrakk Award

    2020 Edition

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    Presentation of the ANI-PixTrakk 2019 Award to Visa pour l'Image - © Didier Cameau


    For more than twenty years, the Association Nationale des Iconographes (ANI) has been organized portfolio readings during the professional week of the Visa pour l’Image - International Festival of Photojournalism - Perpignan, seeing over 350 photographers from a wide range of backgrounds, providing guidance and advice.

    This year, while it was impossible to hold this key activity of the festival at the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan, ANI members were pleased to be conducting portfolio reviews on line.
    Before the end of the year, the ANI will bring together a jury to choose three winners from among its "coups de cœur", and for the twelfth consecutive year, one of the winners will receive an ANI prize, endowed with €5,000 per PixTrakk. The winner will be exhibited as part of the "ANI Visas" at the "Gobelins, l'école de l'Image" in Paris, if sanitary conditions permit it.


    By supporting the action of ANI at Visa, and by endowing the ANI-PixTrakk award, PixTrakk thus marks its support to the remarkable action of ANI iconographers, as well as to all photographers in the defense of their copyrights.

  • 2020 ANI-PixTrakk Award

    The 2020 laureate is Odhràn Dunne for his work A great send off


    To view the award-winning work, click here

    A great send off

    In Ireland, funerals take place over two days. Two days during which the family rarely separates from the deceased. Two days during which friends and neighbors come one after the other to show their respect, to have a last word, to give a last kiss and a last caress. Traditionally in Ireland, hospitality is at the heart of these funerals and the family honors the memory of the deceased by generously receiving the guests in their homes.


    The presentation of the ANI-PixTrakk 2020 Award, as well as the portfolio readings, was done online this year.

    Previous years' winners

    2019 : Nicolas Krief - 2018 : Virginie Nguyen Hoang - 2017 : Jérémie Jung - 2016 : Ingetje Tadros - 2015 : Andres Kudacki - 2014 : Frederik Buyckx - 2013 : Paolo Marchetti - 2012 : Misha Friedman - 2011 : Lurdes Basoli - 2010 : Katie Orlinsky

  • The "Coups de Coeur" (favorites) of the ANI

    ANI and PixWays, a great collaboration around support and services to photographers

    Couldn't the readings take place at Visa this year? Never mind! The members of the ANI ensured them all the same, by organizing, with Visa pour l'image, virtual portfolio readings, online.

    From September 1 to 5, in connection with the dates of the Visa Professional Week, the iconographers selected remarkable photographic works and awarded them a "Coup de Coeur" ("Favorite"). It is all these "Coups de Coeur" that we invite you to discover.

    A PixTrakk subscription

    2020 "Coups de cœur" photographers have been awarded a subscription to PixTrakk, our web-based photo tracking service, with legal service in case of illegal use. This free subscription will be valid for one year, for the tracing of 3000 photos.

    What's next?

    Before the end of the year, the ANI will gather a jury of image professionals to select initially 3 winners among its "Coups de coeur": the 3 ANI Visas, then one, which will become the 12th winner of the ANI-PixTrakk Award. He will receive a prize endowed with 5 000 € per PixTrakk.

  • View the 2020 "Coups de Coeur"

    from Monday, August 31 to Friday, September 4

    You will be redirected to the French version of the site which presents the work of each "Coup de Coeur"

    (don't worry, the descriptive text of each "Coup de Coeur" is bilingual, French/English).